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The Pet Bistro


Pet Food 

At Pet Bistro we have a wide selection of Dog food that gives your dog the nutrition it deserves. From dry food to delicious gourmet dog meals smothered in a thick gravy of your choice. We have it all.

Quality Dog Food

The Pet Bistro uses fresh natural ingredients. Quality cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. Meals are balanced with minerals and vitamins. Our Pet Food contains no fillers, preservatives or wheat products/gluten. 


Dog food

The Pet Bistro is all about rethinking what you feed your pets and bringing back choice to owners. Like you, we love our pets and care about their health.  That is why we have created The Pet Bistro, a pet meal service that delivers to your door, balanced freshly made pet food using quality cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Natural ingredients



The Pet Bistro

24 Edith Street

Dunedin, 9018

New Zealand

T/ +64276854935

E/ info@thepetbistro.co.nz