About us

Our Story

Bex Hill is the founder of The Pet Bistro. The dog food idea for the business was born from health concerns of Lilly her family pet. As a puppy Lilly often had diarrhoea and was constantly scratching herself. Vet visits found no solution, so Bex started looking closely at the dog food Lilly was eating. What she found inside store bought food concerned her and compelledher to seek a new direction.Bexresearched, designed and created a varied healthy top dog nutrition diet for Lilly using fresh vegetables and human grade meats that i couldn't found in my local pet store. After Lilly's new real food diet began the change in her wellbeing was incredible.  Her previous healtissues disappeared. The outstanding success of Bex's menu range created just for Lilly then became the catalyst for The Pet Bistro.


The Way forward

The Pet Bistro aims to change the pet food industry through positive diet & nutrition, innovation, creating wellness for pets, pet parents and the environment. Real dog food is the key to a long healthy life, so it is vital for owners to pay careful attention to their pets diet.

A dogs digestive system is suited to natural fresh meat and vegetables, not highly processed food. In fact simply adding fresh food to a dogs diet has helped dogs recover from serious illnesses, improved skin conditions, allergies and resulted in more balanced energy levels. 

New Zealand is witnessing a huge issue with pets suffering the same diseases as humans; diabetes, joint issues, skin issues and cancer.

The Pet Bistro wants to help pet owners in providing our dogs with quality well balanced food.  All of our meals are balanced with vital minerals, vitamins and amino acids your dog needs to stay healthy.


The Pet Bistro

24 Edith Street

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New Zealand

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